Christmas Secret Santa

Christmas is a busy time of year so why not save time and money by creating your own secret Santa gift exchange, it’s quick, easy and  fun.

Invite your family, friends or even co-workers. Arrange the date, time and location. Set a budget so that everyone in your group spends around the same amount of money, keeping everything nice and fare. You can even help your secret Santa buy the right gift for you by creating your very own wish list.  



Behind the Project

I really enjoyed the design phase of this project, it was vast and intricate. With user registration, sign ins, wishlist, groups, gift ideas and more all having to work together seamlessly, the design was a challenging one.

Moving to the development side of things, I single handedly built this website from the ground up using HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript. Complete with it’s own content management system designed to give the administrator powerful controls and reports to help deliver the best possible experience to it’s users.


Creating a Gift Exchange

Starting a new secret Santa gift exchange couldn’t be easier. By using three simple fields it helps encourage users into creating a gift exchange. Completing this form is achieved quickly and the submitted data is validated to ensure only safe characters are being used. This is one of many systems in place to keep the users and the site secure.

Once the user is past this stage they can create their own account, invite people to their exchange and finally initiate their secret Santa gift exchange. This randomly mixes people up in the digital hat and then emails everyone allowing them to see who they are buying for.

Christmas-Secret-Santa-Create-Exchange-A Christmas-Secret-Santa-Create-Exchange-B


My Exchanges

More presents means more fun. That’s why Christmas Secret Santa allows people to create and join multiple exchanges. Everything is easy to see and understand.



Secret Santa

People within a group are randomly assigned someone else to be their secret Santa. This is achieved through a simple algorithm I created which ensures that nobody gets themselves and no one is selected more than once.

The design allows for the user to clearly see who they are buying for, the date, time and location of the event and of course the spending budget. At the bottom we have a clear grid of everyone’s personal profile picture which helps to define the group.




Gift Ideas

If users are stuck with what to include in their wish list they can always check out the gift ideas section. This directly connects to Amazon’s website and show product imagery, title, price and rating. Each item links to the correct Amazon page where the user can choose to buy it.



Register & Sign In

With my simple design it’s quick and easy to register and when it comes to signing in it’s very secure. With protection against malicious scripts and bruit force hackers, users should feel their data is perfectly safe.

Christmas-Secret-Santa-Register Christmas-Secret-Santa-Sign-In


Christmas-Secret-Santa-iPhone Fully Web Responsive

Christmas Secret Santa is fully web responsive allowing user friendly access for desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

With the layout adjusting for different screen sizes the content and features remains the same across multiple platforms allowing to keep the user experience at it’s best.